AKC Great Pyrenees

We breed for intelligent, strong, Great Pyr dogs that make excellent livestock guardians and family dogs.  Our personal dogs do both. They are our pets, protectors, and coworkers. Our dogs love children and do very well with them.  We usually have one litter per year and spend a lot of time with the pups. We socialize them from birth and leave them with their mother until they wean and with their litter mates until at least 8 weeks. We have found that keeping the litter together for at least 8 weeks makes healthy, strong, confident pups.  We micro-chip all of our puppies and include pre -paid lifetime membership in AKC Reunite and keep them up to date on puppy shots.  We love “talking Pyr” and endeavor to properly place all our pups in loving, well prepared homes so if you have questions about our dogs and if one would work well for your family, contact us.